Welcome to Bravo K9!

We believe that dogs fulfill a very special place in the lives of humans – and we want to honor that by creating a safe and fun environment for dogs and their owners! 

We offer dog training, tailored to your lifestyle and goals, using the most humane training techniques to help create the best companion for your family.

We offer seminars with some of the best trainers in their fields, to further your knowledge on the specialty sports and training techniques you’re interested in.

We offer competition events for you to put your training skills to the test and earn accomplishments, awards, prizes, and recognition in your sport.

We offer boarding in our home for those times when you cannot be there to care for your dog. Whether a single overnight or an extended stay, we’re happy to integrate your dog into our pack and treat them like one of our one.

With a strong background in puppy development, obedience, dog sports and competition, we bring you the tools to create a happy, successful partnership, whether you’re looking for your next hiking partner or sports superstar!


5 years in pack management
4 years competing in dog sports
3 years leading group classes
2.5 years leading private lessons

Our services

We have everything you need for the day to day care of your canine friend. We offer progressive training methods to help you get through the toughest problems and shape your pal into the perfect companion. For those times when you’re away, we offer boarding in our home and also stopover visits or live-in care so that your best bud doesn’t need to leave the comfort of his own place. Doggie transport, walking/hikes, daycare and consults for big events in your pup’s life are a few special services, too. We understand how important your dog is to you, and we want to be a part of your adventure together!

Board and Train

For training you aren’t up to tackling on your own, or catching up on learning while you are away! Dogs live in our home with our pack and work on the skills you desire. Check out details below for examples of training and rates.

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Group Classes

Meet one night a week for 6 weeks to learn how to teach your dog valuable skills. Each class covers a separate subject, and classes have up to 8 dog/handler teams to create distraction and socialization opportunities. To see classes we offer and current registration, check out the details below!

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Private Lessons

Meet one on one with a trainer hourly in your home or a public area to address specific concerns and work toward meeting goals. Behavior problems, manners, and socialization are a few reasons people like private lessons for their dogs here. Check out details below to see if private lessons would work well for you and your dog!

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Our specialization

These are the areas where we have the most experience, really enjoy teaching, and excel at! They are the areas of training that are very rewarding, and we would love to help you reach success in any of these categories!

Service Dog Training

From public access, to task training, and all of the behaviors, questions, information in between. We can walk you through the training process, explain what makes a service dog and what doesn’t (and if you’re eligible to have one) and support your journey as your partnership helps you to gain more freedom that your disability doesn’t allow.

Early Canine Development

From choosing an appropriate breeder or rescue dog, to bringing them home, the products you use, and the foundations that you begin teaching your puppy, we have a lot of experience in this department to help. We want to see dogs start off on the best possible foot with age-appropriate passive socialization, learning how to learn and work for both treats and toys, and being stimulated and exercised for safe amounts of time in the right ways. We’d love to support you and your new puppy on the adventure of a lifetime!

Reactivity Behavior Issues

Barking out the window, barking in the yard, and barking at people or dogs while on leash out of the house are a few of the most common reactivity issues we see. Whether their barking, lunging, growling, or just general lack of control stems from frustration, excitement, fear, or aggression, we can show you the tools to get the behavior under control for the long run and make your relationship better!

E-Collar Training

The most effective, quick and humane method of dog training on the rise today is low-level stimulation e-collar training. We have been training fearful, non-confident, boisterous and aggressive dogs with these techniques for almost two years now and are confident that we can show you the appropriate use to strengthen the communication between you and your dog.

Dog Competitions

With a wide understanding of many dog performance sports, we can walk you through the steps to start training on a path to competition, and answer questions you may have about skills in specific sports. Most educated in agility, canine disc, trick training, dock diving, and obedience or protection training. Also knowledgeable in tracking, k9 nosework, rally obedience, and herding.

Pack Management and Integration

Looking to add a new dog to your pack? Concerned about your current pack’s structure and behaviors? With many years in pack management, we can give you the tools and set up a plan to keep everyone safe and happy, and to minimize stressful interactions between dogs in the home.