The Learning Experience…

Board and train options are one of the most popular methods of dog training on the market right now. Your dog comes to stay¬†with a trainer, lives in their house like one of their own pets, and gets to socialize with their dogs while also learning the important skills that you aren’t familiar with or don’t have the time to teach – and they learn a LOT being able to get so much one on one attention. Many say dogs come back “brand new” with so many new skills. We want you to get the most out of your board and train experience.

Rates & Scheduling

$60 daily

This is our flat rate for all training in our home whether we are tackling puppy foundations, sports, or behavior modification. Deposits are required to hold training space, and payment is due in full at the beginning of a dog’s stay. We accept cash, check, paypal, or CC via our square app.

Schedule at your convenience

Because we work from our home, the experience is more focused and we limit the number of dogs we take in. We always keep our load light so that we can add on an extra training client with flexibility for your schedule. We want to work with you, with goals and budget in mind. Some dogs need to stay with us for longer periods of time to tackle big issues or foundational problems, however we also have clients utilizing us for a day at a time to enrich their dogs’ daily lives, or a week during a vacation, etc. Whatever you need, we can fit into our program and life!

What to bring

All we need for your dog’s stay is your dog, a safe collar + leash, and dog food for the duration of their stay. We provide all other supplies, including but not limited to; Dog beds, crates, bedding, bowls, treats, toys, chews, etc.

Some of the skills and behaviors we tackle…

  • Crate training
  • House training
  • Appropriate chewing
  • Sit
  • Sit and Wait at doorways
  • Sit and wait for meals
  • Down
  • Impulse control around food
  • Place command
  • Response to name, handler focus
  • Non-reactivity in the yard and on leash
  • Stay
  • Loose leash walking
  • Come when called
  • Off leash reliability
  • Non-reactivity out and about
  • Travel socialization
  • Counter surfing
  • Jumping fences
  • Resource guarding