Danielle Etzel of Team Bravo K9  will be teaching a 2 hour clinic for Even Chance Pit Bull Rescue Foster home families, geared towards the first interactions in your house with your foster, and creating adoptable behaviors – October 23rd in Des Peres!

Danielle will start off with a small intro to positive reinforcement and marker training, + explaining how to redirect any negative behaviors during the clinic, and then will cover the basics of what to allow and expect from a new foster in the house for the first few weeks. There will be a crating area for dogs to hang out in during the talking portion for the first half of the seminar. This will be a good chance for a Q&A to work out any particular problems that foster dogs are having and to integrate that training into the clinic.

She will touch on leash reactivity, basic obedience (including sits and downs in high distraction environments like adoption events), managing or correcting inappropriate behaviors, positive grooming experiences, loose leash walking, crate training, and dog on dog introductions.

Where: Even Chance HQ, Jessi McNamara’s house – 1407 Ridgefield Dr., Des Peres MO 63131

When: Sunday, October 23rd from 1pm to 3pm

Cost: $20 per working team – Even Chance will cover the cost of all foster dogs at this clinic. Foster families are welcome to bring their own dog instead or alongside of their foster dog, but would be expected to pay for their own dog separately.

Crates, water for dogs, and some seating is provided. Please bring small, stinky training treats and consider not feeding a full breakfast the morning of the seminar in order to increase working desire from the dogs. Toy rewards are also fine if they are easily contained and quiet (ie; no tennis balls being thrown about or squeaky toys).

What to bring: Any training collar or harness you are currently using, a 4 or 6′ leash, and lots of small, chewy, stinky training treats!

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If you have any questions, feel free to email Danielle directly at TeamBravoK9@gmail.com