Hey guys! Time for the biggest UpDog event Kalamazoo has seen!

Jason Rigler will be in town for a 6 hour disc seminar on Saturday (July 2nd), and agreed to stick around to help judge this huge two-day event! We will be running two fields to maximize fun and efficiency! Canopies will be allowed in marked areas, between fields to create a visual barrier.

So, technically, it’s in Portage, MI at 6765 Quality Way. The field is behind a business called “D&L Industrial Services.” We are not allowed to have cars on the field at any point – please park in the lot and bring your canopies, chairs, crates, etc. over to the field.┬áIt’s in an industrial park on a beautiful field surrounded on three sides with a natural barrier.

If you haven’t played UpDog Challenge disc dog games before, that’s A-OK! Head on over to UpDog’s Website to check out some general rules, then all of the game-specific rules, to get an idea of what you’d like to try. We love seeing new players out there having fun with their dogs, and these competitions are very “newb” friendly. We want to help you succeed! Don’t worry – there will be dog discs to purchase if you don’t have any, and a player’s meeting before each game to talk about rules and strategy. If you have played UpDog before, then awesome! You’ll have a very good idea of what to expect.


registration is now closed.