We believe in setting dogs up to succeed.

That means, positive reinforcement foundations to ensure the dog understands what we are asking and managing the environment to make sure the dog doesn’t have the opportunity to make bad choices until they are very certain of what the best choice is.

We are not all butterflies and rainbows, and we will not allow you to bribe your dog for the duration of their life. What we will do is teach how to teach your dog in the most communicative, humane way possible to nurture a trusting relationship with your dog. We will not ask you to correct your dog on a training collar or with your hand. We are not here to show you how to punish your dog, but instead we want to show you how non-compatible behaviors effectively “fix” those problem behaviors.

We believe in active dogs, and adventuring with dogs! We will encourage you to keep your dog as lean as possible to extend longevity, and to explore different dog sports and conditioning routines like swimming, off leash hiking, or playing fetch!

Contact us today if you’re interested in creating a lifelong adventure with your dog!