UpDog Challenge 4thTacular!

Time for the second annual UpDog 4thTacular in Southwest Michigan!

Jason Rigler will be offering a 4 hour disc seminar on Saturday, and is sticking around to help judge this huge three-day event!

If you haven’t played UpDog Challenge disc dog games before, that’s A-OK! Head on over to UpDog’s Website to check out some general rules, then all of the game-specific rules, to get an idea of what you’d like to try. We love seeing new players out there having fun with their dogs, and these competitions are very “newb” friendly. We want to help you succeed! Don’t worry – there will be dog discs to purchase if you don’t have any, and a player’s meeting before each game to talk about rules and strategy. We also have three different divisions to enter for placement awards and will be offering overall awards with cash payouts.

If you have played UpDog before, then awesome! You’ll have a very good idea of what to expect.

Where: Private residence at 15060 31st. St. Gobles, MI  49055 – 25 minutes northwest of Kalamazoo City.
Parking and tenting WILL be available field side. We will be running two fields simultaneously. Porta Potty onsite, limited access to running water – PLEASE bring water for your dogs, drinks/coolers/snacks for yourselves. There are restaurants, gas stations, etc. less than a mile from the field if you need to stop morning of or make food/water runs.

When and What:
Friday we will arrive early afternoon for field painting and set up. Please let us know if you’d like to help! We reward our volunteers well with goodies and swag. 🙂

From 5-6pm Jason will have a throwing seminar, followed by a routine building seminar from 6-7pm. Both clinics are sans dog.

Jason’s Working Seminar will be from 10am-2pm on Saturday, July 1st. Working spots are $50. The focus will be on sequencing and strategy. One hour will focus on tricks, one hour on sequencing, 30 minutes on strategy and the remaining time will be individual teaching. You don’t want to miss out on what this 2016 Skyhoundz World Champ has to offer!

Following Jason’s seminar, we will be starting competition late in the day with Far Out at 3pm and Freestyle at 5:30pm

Sunday we will split onto two fields – this is our tentative timing, which may change depending on sign ups. This is at a capped # of runs, so time may change to end sooner, should not change to end later. It will be a long day, but we are determined to make it fun with some raffles, giveaways, and human games like Closest To the Pin!

8am-8:45am Registration

8:45am Player’s Meeting

9-11:30 we will be playing Throw N Go (both levels) on one field while 4 Way Play (both levels) plays on a second field.

11:30-12:30 will be our lunch break/CTP contest

12:30 Player’s Meeting

12:35-3:15 we will be playing FunKey on one field while Spaced Out (both levels) plays on a second field.

3:15-3:45 we will take another break to play games (human tic tac toe?), relax, let judges potty and snack, mingle

3:45 Player’s Meeting

4:00-5:30 we will play Pairs 4 Way Play

6pm-8pm we will play a second round of Far Out to end our evening

Monday’s tentative schedule 

8am-8:45am Registration

8:45am Player’s Meeting

9am-11 Freestyle Performance Rd. 2 Level 1

11:15 Player’s Meeting

11:30-2  we will be playing Frizgility (both levels) on one field while TimeWarp (both levels) plays on a second field.

2:15 Player’s Meeting

2:30-4:30 we will wrap up with 7Up!



Placement awards will be given for 1st-3rd place and may include medals, full size discs, mini discs, and certificates depending on division.


After opening registration, we chose to add on a few duplicate rounds so that competitors can load up on points needed to qualify. If you’ve already registered and just want to register for the addition games, you can go here.

Please fill out additional forms if necessary, and feel free to contact me if you have questions about who/what you’ve registered for.

If you have any questions about your submission or this event, please contact Danielle Etzel @ TeamBravoK9@gmail.com